Information for businesses about the Indigenous Employment Programme

The Indigenous Employment Programme (IEP) can help Indigenous Australians that have viable business ideas to start their own business. It can build the skills to run and grow that business. The IEP can also help Indigenous organisations, business owners, communities and family groups — at any stage during the life cycle of the business, through a range of services tailored to their business needs.


Indigenous businesses, individuals, groups and organisations may be eligible to apply for assistance. Assistance is available to those who are seeking to obtain the necessary skills and expertise required to develop their business idea, start or expand an existing business and develop the necessary skills and expertise to build economic and business viability.

How to access services

For Indigenous business assistance under the IEP:

  • contact the Indigenous Employment Line on 1802 102
  • submit an Enquiry Form via post, fax or email to your nearest department office (see details on the form)

More Information

More detailed information can be found on the following Fact Sheets:

Program Guidelines

From July 2013 the IEP introduced a new application and assessment process, more information about the process is available.