Information for employment services providers about the Indigenous Employment Programme

Job Services Australia, IEP and CDEP providers play a critical role in supporting Indigenous Australian job seekers to develop their capacity and skills, and find ongoing employment.

The reformed Indigenous Employment Programme (IEP) will complement Job Services Australia as well as the reforms to Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP).

CDEP providers are encouraged to work with IEP providers, employers and community service organisations to maximise Indigenous employment in local jobs both within their organisations as well as in the local and the wider community.

CDEP providers will be expected to identify suitable job seekers and assist in preparing and supporting them to take up available positions


Indigenous participants being assisted by Job Services Australia may be referred to an IEP project with permission from their Job Services Australia provider. IEP assistance will complement the assistance being provided by Job Services Australia.

With permission from their CDEP provider, CDEP participants on income support can be referred to participate in IEP activities to complement the assistance provided by CDEP.

CDEP participants in receipt of CDEP wages can only take part in IEP activities where the objective is for the person to move off CDEP wages.

More Information

For IEP Providers:

For all Providers:

From July 2013 the IEP is introducing new application and assessment processes, more information about the process and timing is available.