News | 5 April 2016

Two local jobactive providers, Sarina Russo Job Access and Tursa Employment & Training, have setup a successful activity having placed 35 job seekers into two activities.

National Trust Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is set on 27 hectares of parkland and without the large group of Work for the Dole participants, the Sanctuary could not possibly keep up with the maintenance and conservation work that needs to be done. 

‘The Sanctuary really needed the extra pairs of hands so we provided the workforce to get these tasks completed.’ said Chris Muldoon, Tursa Work for the Dole Coordinator.  ‘The changes are fantastic, absolutely brilliant. There is really positive feedback from the Host and the participants.’

The job seekers have been working on large-scale restoration and refurbishment of the Ridgeway Nature Reserve to conserve a native endangered Pilliarus Eucalypt forest and restore the habitat for local wildlife.

News | 1 April 2016

The Government has released the reports of two independent reviews of the Road Safety Remuneration System.

The Department of Employment will be undertaking consultations with key industry participants and key stakeholders during April 2016 to discuss the findings of the reports and options for reform. 

To see the review reports and for more information about the consultation process, please visit Reviews of the Road Safety Remuneration System.


News | 30 March 2016

For 30 years NEIS has been providing assistance to eligible job seekers who are interested in establishing a small business and in the process creating their own jobs.

The variety of businesses that have been established through NEIS over the years has been impressive.

News | 30 March 2016

The Care and Share program is a social support programme for individuals 65 years old and over, which is aimed at preventing isolation in older individuals in the local community and enhancing their general health and wellbeing. 

Janine Callegari, Care and Share Program Manager, said they decided to start a Work for the Dole activity to encourage more people to get involved in aged care. 

‘It’s fantastic to get younger people into care services, especially men. They provide care and interaction from a different perspective, and bring different conversation, skills and thoughts.’ 

The Work for the Dole participants, Darrin Brown and Bradley Keys, engage with, and support the seniors through a range of tasks on a daily basis, and have gained most of their skills and training on the job.  

News | 22 March 2016

A group of job seekers participating in a Work for the Dole activity have begun a project to refurbish the site by replacing the entrance fence and gates, creating a new entrance to the nursery and providing visible signs to promote the site. This will make the garden more visually appealing to passing traffic and improve the main pedestrian access.

The PepperTree Work for the Dole project offers participants a range of experiences and opportunities to develop real-life skills in community engagement, trades assistance, building and design, construction and gardening/horticulture. The aim is to develop employability skills which will help the job seekers transition into employment and fulfil the demand for building and construction workers in North West Melbourne.

News | 9 March 2016

ParentsNext will assist parents with young children to plan and prepare for future employment by arranging activities and connecting parents to local services, enabling them to be in a better position to enter the work force by the time their children start school.

From 4 April 2016, ParentsNext projects will offer valuable guidance and support to families in the following 10 Local Government Areas: 

  • Bankstown (New South Wales)
  • Wyong (New South Wales)
  • Shellharbour (New South Wales)
  • Greater Shepparton (Victoria)
  • Hume (Victoria)
  • Logan (Queensland)
  • Rockhampton (Queensland)
  • Playford (South Australia)
  • Kwinana (Western Australia)
  • Burnie (Tasmania)

The list of successful organisations is available in the Minister’s media release.

News | 4 March 2016

The final 27 successful Transition to Work providers have been announced and will commence delivering Transition to Work services from April 2016.

The providers will deliver tailored assistance for young jobseekers aged 15-21, and will offer a range of tailored individual, group or self-directed activities. 

This final round of Transition to Work will see the roll-out of services in: 

  • Geraldton

  • Great Southern Wheatbelt

  • Bendigo

  • Gippsland

  • Inner Metropolitan Melbourne

  • North Eastern Melbourne

  • South Coast of Victoria

  • Western Melbourne

  • Wimmera Mallee

  • Murray and South East

  • North West Country South Australia

  • Brisbane South East

  • Darling Downs

  • Fitzroy...

News | 4 March 2016

Empowering Youth Initiatives logo

The Government has announced the first round of organisations to deliver Empowering YOUth Initiatives to help address employment barriers and provide young people with the help they need to improve their employment prospects.

The not-for-profit and non-government organisations were selected for their experience and their innovative approaches to engage and help long-term unemployed young people, or those at risk of long-term unemployment, to find and stay in employment.

The services will commence from late March 2016. Future funding rounds will be announced mid-year.

The list of organisations that have been offered Empowering YOUth Initiatives is available in the Minister for Employment’s media release.

News | 29 February 2016

The Burnie Jobs Fair will bring together job seekers, employers, employment service providers, recruitment agencies and training providers.

This will provide you with an opportunity to talk face to face with exhibitors to learn about jobs, training, education and career options across northern Tasmania.

Throughout the day there will be information sessions on how to write résumés, the Future of Work, and how best to find employment opportunities in Tasmania’s job market.

For enquiries about the Jobs Fair or if you are interested in being an exhibitor, phone Shirley Grace on 0429 663 820 or James McCormack on 0428 299 262.

News | 25 February 2016

Participants in a successful Work for the Dole Art activity in Toowoomba have used their artistic skills to produce a calendar featuring contemporary Indigenous art. The host, Wilsonton Heights Community Centre set up the activity to develop the skills of local Aboriginal jobseekers with the aim of improving their employment prospects.

James McKay, Manager of Wilsonton Heights Community Centre, was concerned about the high unemployment rate in Toowoomba and in response, worked with local Work for the Dole coordinator Mission Providence and jobactive provider NEATO Employment Services, to develop the Boongary Wine Drive Artists activity.

The activity is designed to engage long-term unemployed Aboriginal people in meaningful work to build their confidence and enhance their self-esteem. After receiving approval from local Aboriginal Elders, participants met weekly to create artworks that depict their heritage and promote pride in their culture.

News | 17 February 2016

The organisations will commence delivering Transition to Work services from March 2016 and will provide tailored assistance for young jobseekers aged 15-21, including vocational skills development, interview training and career advice as well as support to engage with other community services. The second round of Transition to Work will see services delivered in:

News | 9 February 2016

The Victorian Goldfields Railway has been restoring the stream trains with the help of 10 local job seekers under the Australian Government’s Work for the Dole programme. 

The job seekers are learning a variety of skills, sanding, painting, replacing windows, removing moss and mould as they restore the train carriages to their former glory. Two of the job seekers have worked with railway mechanics to upgrade the boilers for the steam engines and get them working again.

News | 2 February 2016

The Work for the Dole activity referred to as ‘Empowering the Community’ ran from January to June 2015 with assistance and donations from a variety of local businesses and organisations including Bacchus Marsh Lions club, Bunnings and the Metropolitan Remand Centre.

Heather Chambers, who is the Work for the Dole supervisor, and a qualified horticulturalist and trainer, was responsible for getting Melton Specialist School programme off the ground. She describes the results of the activity. ‘The school grounds are beautiful, with colourful murals that brighten the assembly area, flourishing vegetable beds with bench seating, plants, paths and bike sheds’ Heather goes on to say ‘the feedback from the community has been nothing but positive. It’s incredible what the community and the participants get out of it.’

News | 29 January 2016

Minister for Employment Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash and local Member for Eden-Monaro the Hon Dr Peter Hendy MP visited Resort Trailers in Queanbeyan to announce the first of the organisations to deliver the new Transition to Work service.

“This important initiative will ensure young job seekers aged 15-21 receive intensive support from community-based organisations with expertise in helping young people to develop their work-like skills,” Minister Cash said.

Transition to Work is part of the Australian Government’s $331 million Youth Employment Strategy, announced in the 2015-16 Budget.

The service will commence from February 2016 in the first seven employment regions:

News | 20 January 2016

This assistance will help affected workers who have a letter of redundancy by providing intensive career transitioning services through the Government’s jobactive employment programme, helping them get back in the workforce as quickly as possible.

The workers will also have access to the “What’s Next” website, which provides a range of information and self-help resources to help retrenched workers get on a pathway to new employment promptly.

To read the Minister’s media release visit the Minister's media centre.

A fact sheet about the assistance available to workers is also available.

News | 15 January 2016

On 1 January 2016 the $13.5 million Engaging Early School Leavers measure announced in the 2015-16 Budget commenced.

From 1 January 2016 early school leavers will be expected to look for work if they are not undertaking:

  • full-time education; or
  • a combination of education and paid work for at least 25 hours a week (or 15 hours for principal carer parents and people with a partial work capacity).

Early school leavers will now also have to attain Year 12 or a Certificate III (up from Certificate II), in order to no longer be subject to the 25 hours per week participation requirement.

News | 4 January 2016

Under the direction of the host organisation, Maddingley Park Committee of Management, and with the support of the local community, the Lions and Rotary clubs and sporting groups, the participants have been painting the clubhouse and kiosk, gravelling pathways, removing rubbish, planting and maintaining the gardens.

The Maddingley Park clubhouse gets a facelift

The Maddingley Park clubhouse gets a facelift

Heather Chambers, Work for the Dole supervisor at Maddingley Park, said ‘The participants are learning lots of new skills, they are learning to work as a team, to use their initiative and most importantly they are learning to network.’

News | 30 December 2015

The Government released the final report by the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption on 30 December 2015.

The Royal Commission was established by the Government on 31 March 2014 to inquire into the payment of any bribes, secret commissions or any other unlawful payments relating to trade unions.

The work of the Royal Commission has now culminated in the final report, in which the Commission makes a number of significant recommendations and findings.

The Minister’s media release announcing the Government’s initial response to the final report

The Royal Commission’s final report

News | 23 December 2015

The Government tabled the final report of the Productivity Commission in the Parliament of Australia on 21 December 2015. Completion of the inquiry and release of the report delivers on one of the Government’s commitments made ahead of the 2013 federal election.

In early 2016 the Government will host a series of roundtable discussions with employees, employers, unions and employer groups to consult on the report.

A copy of the report is available on the Productivity Commission website.

A copy of the Minister for Employment’s media release is available.

News | 22 December 2015

The Australian Government will soon be seeking proposals from organisations to deliver new projects designed to assist parents of young children plan and prepare for employment.

More information on Supporting Parents to Plan and Prepare for Employment is available.

News | 21 December 2015

The Government has decided to implement a number of structural adjustment packages to assist retrenched workers to transition into new employment.

The package is worth $2.2 million and will be available to support retrenched workers get back in the workforce as quickly as possible. Workers will have access to intensive employment assistance through jobactive, the Government’s national employment service and in the case of the Illawarra access to a local Employment Facilitator to help job seekers re-connect with employment and training opportunities. They will also have access to the “What’s Next” website, which has a range of information and self-help resources.

To read the Minister’s media release visit the Minister's media centre.

News | 9 December 2015

The Indicator provides advance warnings of whether employment is likely to grow faster or slower than its long-term trend rate of growth and is produced by the Australian Government Department of Employment.

The Indicator has risen for the fourth consecutive month in June 2015, implying a weakly confirmed trough occurred in February 2015. The growth rate of employment is likely to fluctuate around its long-term trend growth rate and may eventually rise above it.

The December 2015 report is now available.

News | 8 December 2015

Trends in Federal Enterprise Bargaining is a quarterly report containing data about the number of enterprise agreements made in the federal workplace relations system, as well as data about the number of employees covered and the level of wage increases included in collective agreements.

To view the September quarter 2015 report, visit the Trends in Federal Enterprise Bargaining page.

News | 8 December 2015

A community project in Mount Gambier, South Australia, is transforming an historic property into a future respite holiday home for people with disabilities and their families, while also providing work experience for ten local Work for the Dole participants.

The restoration work is undertaken by a group of enthusiastic jobseekers, who are assisted by local volunteers and a trained supervisor. The participants are learning a range of new skills and contributing to their community along the way.

The run-down, 100 year old house was owned but unused by Bedford Phoenix, a not-for-profit community organisation which provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  Bedford approached local jobactive providers Job Prospects to establish the maintenance and restoration project as a Work for the Dole activity.