Non-government programmes approved for Annual Activity Requirement purposes

The Government has expanded the list of activities that a jobseeker in jobactive can undertake to meet their mutual obligation requirements, in particular their Annual Activity Requirement (AAR). The AAR is a specific number of hours most job seekers must do in an approved activity for six months each year.

Work-focused non-government programmes which have been approved as suitable for AAR purposes will be referred to as an approved non-government programme and job seekers will be able to count their programme participation hours in a non-government programme towards their total requirement. You can find more information about mutual obligation requirements and the AAR under the fact sheet page of this website.

Who can deliver a non-government programme?

Community and private enterprise organisations that have work-focused programmes with demonstrated outcomes or a high likelihood of getting job seekers into jobs can apply to the Department for approval of their programme.

What does this mean for my non-government organisation?

jobactive providers will be able to refer job seekers to your programme to fulfil their AAR. They may also refer job seekers at other stages of jobactive.

While your non-government programme is approved the participation hours of the job seekers in your programme can contribute to their AAR.

What does my organisation need to demonstrate to obtain approval for my programme?

Once an application has been received, the Department of Employment will assess the application on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria. The programme must:

  • have a demonstrated ability to, or high likelihood of, moving job seekers into sustainable work during the programme or upon completion;
  • comprise more than just the delivery of a training course, and any incorporated training must be vocational (preferably accredited) or directed at increasing job seeker employability;
  • not duplicate the services jobactive providers are contracted to deliver under jobactive; and
  • not be undertaken by a jobactive provider or a related entity of the jobactive provider.

The Department may contact your organisation if more information is needed and will notify you of the outcome once the assessment is complete.  Where a programme has been approved, the Department will inform local jobactive providers in the relevant Employment Region/s.

Will jobactive providers be required to refer job seekers to approved non-government programmes?

jobactive providers are not required to refer job seekers to approved non-government programmes but may do so where they consider the programme is suitable and the job seeker will benefit from participating in the programme. If there are costs involved with the programme, jobactive providers must ensure the programme represents value for money and meets Departmental guidelines. 

Any community or private enterprise organisation considering setting up a new programme and applying for AAR status may like to discuss their proposed ideas with jobactive providers in the relevant region.

If my programme gets approved what does that mean?

jobactive providers are able to consider approved non-government programmes when considering the most suitable activity for ajob seeker. Job seekers will be able to participate in a non‑government programme at any time during servicing and when in the six month Work for the Dole Phase, participation will count towards a job seeker’s Annual Activity Requirement.

If my programme doesn’t get approved what does that mean?

If your programme is not approved as suitable for Annual Activity Requirement purposes, a jobactive provider may still be able to refer job seekers at any stage while they are with jobactive. However, their participation in the activity will not count towards meeting their Annual Activity Requirement.

How can my organisation apply?

You can download the Application Form for non-government programmes approved for AAR purposes.

Want more information?

  • Call the Employment Services Information Line on 13 62 68*
  • Speak with your local jobactive provider.

* Note that call charges apply for calls to ‘13’ numbers from mobile phones.

Where should the completed application be sent?

Each completed application must be forwarded to the mailbox for assessment.